Black & Brown Girls Lives Matter Too

So Black and Brown girl are disappearing in the Bronx.

From Clutch.

Andy King, a New York City Councilman, is raising concerns that the more than a dozen black and Hispanic teenage girls have disappeared from the Bronx, New York may have been abducted and sex trafficked.

“Every other week our young girls are just vanishing off our streets,” King said at a news conference. “Something is going on. They are attractive girls. How do you get the numbers vanishing?”

A total of 14 girls, between the age of 12 to 19, have been reported missing since July 2014, six of them who reportedly disappeared this month alone. During the press conference, King read the names of the 14 girls, including when and where they were last seen. Among them, 14-year-old Sierra River was last seen on White Plains rd. Jada Jordan, 12-years-old, was last seen on March 23 at the Bronx-Manhattan Seventh Day Adventist School searing her school uniform. Karla Gross was last seen on September 22, 2014 in her Bronx home.

The disappearance of girls of color has long been a national crisis, especially affecting black girls. According to the National Crime Information center, of the 270,000 minorities reported missing since 2010, 64,000 were black women and black girls.


This is frustrating because this should be on Jez, Bitch, Hairpin, especially since it’s something that was reported before, and so on and it’s not. Like where are white women who claim they support us should be on the front lines with us and they’re not.

This is a crisis and instead we’re being swept under the rug again.

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